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22 Easy Montessori Activities for your 2 year old (tried and tested)
Montessori activities tried and tested by us that keep them busy and help them learn through play. Montessori at home is totally doable - without elaborate tools and toys.
Montessori, what ?
A simple set of rules to keep in mind when picking toys for your child.
A Mommy's guide to Open Ended Play
Everything YOU need to know about Open Ended Play !
Top 10 Must Have Open-Ended Toys That Shloka Loves
A simple list of 10 toys that are so versatile and beautiful that you MUST add them to your playroom. Tried and tested by my toddler, these are a super hit in our household.
Why should your child play with dough ?
Why does everybody want to introduce dough to play with to their child ?
Why Active Play is so important.
All you need to know about active toys and why we love them !
An easy to do and easy to clean sensory activity that you can use to wrap gifts and books !
I hope Shloka shares my love for art and craft. So the only thing I can do is enable her by exposing her to fun seasonal activities for her to do. With Christmas in the air, and our big Christmas...
Montessori MOM for the win !
So I love being a Montessori mom, if you don't know what Montessori approach is all about - i promise to share more about it soon.  There are several ways to incorporate Montessori into your everyday life, when I think...
When Shloka was about 7 months old, we started to really focus on 'playing and learning'. I always loved the idea of play-dough and couldn't wait to introduce her to it. As is the case with most new moms, I...
Quick, easy and fun activity for toddlers to try with your little one.
Being a mom is nothing like anything I have ever known before. Motherhood is exhausting, time-consuming but the most rewarding experience ever. So here’s my way of sharing my adventure and insights with you. Things I discover, learn and buy....
Home Made Paints For Kids
Social Distancing is not a new phase in Shloka and my life. We have predominantly been isolated over the past few months since she was born. I was very clear that the first 2 months the baby must wait it...
Simple Ways To Reduce Waste While Raising A Baby
I always wanted to raise my baby in a moderately sustainable way. I keep adding moderately because I want to be honest and admit that my house is NOT plastic-free, however, we do what we can and that is I...
What do Beyonce and Sustainable Style have in Common?
On the surface, the Queen of haute couture may seem like an unlikely comparison. But if you look beyond, you will realize, Sustainable Style is to fashion what Beyoncé is to the world of music - a luxury that is...
What makes Slow Living so attractive?
Ok so let's start by what is slow living because while is a term that few understand, most use it very loosely.   Carl Honore, who wrote In Praise of Slow, which many consider the manifesto of the Slow Movement, explained...
Indian Artisans – The Lost Treasure
There is art, and there is an artist. And then there are artisans who weave magic with their hands, connecting us with our roots. A melting pot of rich heritage passed down through generations, the Indian culture is dotted with...
Happy 1st Birthday Shloka
As my baby girl turns 1, I dedicate this website and everything I do from this point on to her. Nothing can prepare one for motherhood, it is the most rewarding, taxing and at times exasperating experience but it makes me want to do more, be more and inspired my every action.