A Mommy's guide to Open Ended Play

A Mommy's guide to Open Ended Play

Motherhood or Parenthood can be so fun and so overwhelming - all at once. When we were pregnant with Shloka we had very different plans for Shloka and how we would raise our toddler is a pre covid world. Of course with the pandemic hitting the world at 4 months, we had to rely heavily on indoor play and exposing the child to sensorial stimuli within the confines of the house. 

For me as a parent, open ended play really helped. So this is me trying to explain to you - a new parent, a to be parent, a parent who has just heard of this term before - what it means and why it is so important. 

Open-ended play is soooo amazing !

It encourages experimentation and perseverance and keeps your children busy for hours, buying you the time to have five minutes' rest and a nice cup of tea - trust me when we had next to zero help with the baby - this is what made life mange-able... 

Remember when you were a kid, the feeling of just sitting with a material, of exploring it, without any end-goal in mind? It could have been pebbles, water, kitchen utensils, the good old atta, wooden blocks, sand, fabric of your mom's dupatta or play-dough. The point is that you didn't know what you were going to do when you started, only that you felt the urge to experiment.

Open-ended play is play without boundaries.

When you decide to complete a puzzle there is only one way to do it. These games are closed-ended. There is enormous learning value to such activities - many require great skill to complete and you also learn how to finish tasks, follow rules and take turns.

But these are distinctly different skills to the ones developed through open-ended play.

open-ended play has soooo many benefits - 


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