Best Montessori Friendly Toys and Wooden Toys at 8-9 Months

Best Montessori Friendly Toys and Wooden Toys at 8-9 Months

As a new mom I personally found it a little overwhelming at times to identify toys for my kid. It was one of the reasons I launched this store - because I wanted to give you and other parents like you access to information and equipment for your little one. 

Just this weekend a mom reached out for my inputs on what she could give her baby at about 8 months and so here I am sharing some of the Montessori friendly toys for around that age group. Some toys we used a little earlier, some we are still enjoying till date - because that is the beauty of open ended and good quality toys. 

Rattle Ball -- Many of the things (specifically teether and rattles) that she was using at 6-months and 9-months are still present. Back then I had a basket of teether and rattles for her to treasure hunt. I remember introducing this one around that age and it was a super hit for her. We still enjoy it on and off and make our own music at 24 months. 

Cloth Books -- We loved cloth books, it was also fun for her to try to read independently. 

Egg and Cup and Trio  -- a traditional Montessori classic these are the best Montessori tools for that age group. Help build motor skills and more. 

Object Permanence Box -- another Montessori classic, and probably the most used toy/material during this time. A bestseller on our website. 

Basket of Fabric/Ribbon --  I just kept a small basket to explore different fabrics or ribbon. I just occasionally switch out what I have available in the basket. We still use these for sensory play !

This is a great place to start off and of course there are so many more that you can keep adding to the list. 

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