I hope Shloka shares my love for art and craft. So the only thing I can do is enable her by exposing her to fun seasonal activities for her to do. With Christmas in the air, and our big Christmas tree at home, we wanted her to have some fun based on that theme. 

Here's a fun one that was a super hit for us and that you can try too. Modify it as per the theme - Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter... 

Step 1. Use a permanent marker to draw a tree shape onto the sponge.
Step 2. Cut the sponge following the tree lines you just drew.
Step 3. Prep your crafting area with wipes, paper towels, pour the paint onto a paper plate or paint palate.
Step 4. Help your child with dipping the tree sponge into the green paint.
Step 5. Help your child with pressing and lifting the sponge off of the canvas.
Step 6. Once you have finished adding as many trees as you want, allow your child to “free paint” around the trees. 


We also have some fantastic DIY and Craft kits for children that you could check out here. 
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