Home Made Paints For Kids

Home Made Paints For Kids

Social Distancing is not a new phase in Shloka and my life. We have predominantly been isolated over the past few months since she was born. I was very clear that the first 2 months the baby must wait it out, get her shots and then step out. In the 3rd month, we did travel for a few family weddings and the celebrations for them but apart from that it’s just been a weekly playdate and that’s it.
With the rise in numbers for Corona Virus victims, we have become even more careful. Shloka and I have been homebound for the past 10 odd days with minimal guests and visitors. This means a lot of time on our hands, a bored infant who has just started sitting unsupported and is exploring how she can crawl. It also means an exhausted mother, out of her wits – as if social isolation and distancing alone are not hard enough. Add an infant into that mix and you really need activities planned out.
Art is an activity I understand. It is therapeutic for me and I really want Shloka to grow up loving it as well. After looking around for baby-friendly and NON MESSY paints in the market, a friend of mine recommended that we try to make our own paints. After some trial and error we have found a recipe that worked for us.
The reason it worked for us –
  1. The paints are like jelly – hence no chance of spilling them.
  2. They are kid-friendly and non-toxic. In fact they are made purely out of food-grade materials so you’re not worried about the off chance the baby will stick her finger in her mouth – because she will for sure…
  3. They are cheap to make.
  4. They are quick to make.
  5. You have all the ingredients you need at home, in your kitchen.
  6. They’re easy to store and reuse.
  7. They come off easily from hands, legs, clothes and furniture.
Home Made Finger Paint For Kids
Here’s how I made the paints for Shloka :
  1. 3 tbsp of sugar
  2. 1/2 tsp of salt
  3. 1/2 cup corn starch
  4. 2 cups of water
Combine the above in a small saucepan. Warm till the mixture thickens. Cool and pour into containers. Add food coloring for each container to create the desired colors.
Mess Free – They don’t spill !
We then let it sit for a few minutes post mixing the colors – more like letting jelly set and that’s it! Nothing more to be done. Your paints for finger painting are ready!
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