It's Floor Time Folks !

It's Floor Time Folks !

Did you know, that the floor is a perfect place for your baby to play. While you may think that it's obvious, but many experts recommend babies spend more time on the floor—and less time in seats, swings, and strollers—to help them build up core muscle and neck strength. We would let Shloka crawl around and also lay her on a blanket or if not that then on our Kind & Me play-mats for some floor time. Remember to clear the space out and let the baby be on the floor or floor mat and enjoy unrestricted time to move and discover their body. 


Here are a few products we recommend to help you with this - 

1. Playmats by Kind & Me

2. Baby Floor Gym and Mobile

3. Sea Life Tummy Time Toy

4. Soft Play mats - 

Play Mat - Blue

Play Mat - Brown

Organic Baby Play Mat - Moon

5. Play kits like these - 

Kit 2 (4 Month +) – For rolling, sitting & sensory stimulation

6. High Contrast Flash Cards 

7. Crinkle Toys & Cardholders

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