Montessori Activity - Coin Drop.

Montessori Activity - Coin Drop.

Fine motor skills are extremely important in Montessori, specially when you’re stuck indoors, this DIY version of the classic coin box activity is a fun way to support pre-writing skills and has kept Shloka busy for at least 10-15 minutes at a time. 

suggested age group - 1-3 years 

Helps develop the pincer grasp. 

What you need -
☐ Canister with soft plastic lid - chips / peanuts can is ideal for this. Make sure the edges of the can can’t cut the baby. 

☐ Knife ( for adult use)

☐ 4 or 5 poker chips / circles 

☐ Small bowl

☐ Tray with handles

How to Prep:

-Cut a slit into the soft plastic lid of the canister with the knife. Ensure it is wide enough for a poker chip to easily slide through.

-Put the poker chips in the bowl and the bowl and canister on the tray. Place the tray on a shelf in the child’s prepared space.

- Invite your toddler to the shelf and show them this new activity. Model carrying the tray to a worktable.

-Remove all the items.

-Take one of the chips from the bowl by pinching it with your thumb and index finger.

- Slowly move your hand so the chip is just over the slot in the canister. Drop the chip into the canister. Model it one more time.

- Now it’s your toddlers turn. Observe how easily they can place the chip in the hole. They can do the activity as long as they like!

 When he or she is finished with the activity,  show them how to return the tray to the shelf.

p.s. our dadi has poker chips from her card playing days but if you dont have poker chips? Try cutting 2-inch circles out of recycled cardboard.

You may also use a piggy bank or this toy

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