Montessori MOM for the win !

Montessori MOM for the win !

So I love being a Montessori mom, if you don't know what Montessori approach is all about - i promise to share more about it soon. 

There are several ways to incorporate Montessori into your everyday life, when I think about Montessori I usually think about all the benefits it brings to Shloka, but today I want to talk about what benefits it has as a mother. 

So here are my top reasons why I love being a Montessori MoM. 

Being a Montessori mom is less stressful -The calm, peaceful nature of the prepared Montessori home creates a feeling of well-being you won’t often find in traditional homes. It takes some time to get to it but now that I have adjusted our routine, lives and homes to this style it has helped. As somebody who propagates slow living, Montessori approach to bringing Shloka up fit right in for me. 

Having a mutual respect between parent and child. It is so wonderful for your child to understand that what you say comes from a place of reason. 

Now that I have shown my child respect she has done the same. We can have a conversation, of sorts, with minimal crying, screaming and tantrums because we speak to each other with respect. Yes Shloka is still a toddler with limited language skills but I can see how she is able to decipher and communicate what she needs to very confidently and clearly thanks to the Montessori approach. 

 I never have to cook dinner alone. This is more relevant now than ever because I have been without help, a cook and staff for a better part of the year. So it is great that Shloka helps me wash the fruits and vegetables and pull out the salad leaves from their stems. It is fun to have her around and while one must be very careful with a baby and hot items in the kitchen, the learning tower has really helped me involve her in all activities at home. She helps with laundry work, and loves to clean stuff ! So fun ! 

I always having help cleaning up.

Another reason practical life skills are the best, cleaning! Having your child help in the cleanup process whether it be the laundry, the dishes or scrubbing the tub will all lead to independence in your toddler. Shloka has grown to love helping me at home and I can see that is an important skill irrespective of gender, education or country you reside in. 

Watching my daughter’s confidence grow.

As I mentioned above, independence grows confidence and that is something we strive for. Confidence is something every child will need growing up in a world of constant change. So it is nice to see her show curiosity and confidence in things we do around the house. 

No loud flashy annoying plastic toys laying around.

As somebody who is working on a practical approach to sustainable parenting, it is amazing to introduce Shloka to good quality, wooden, open ended toys that grow with her. We have a no or on need basis only plastic approach and it helps that my child appreciates the beautiful handcrafted toys we get her. 

I was so inspired by this that I launched A Charmed Life to be able to help people bring the best quality, well priced heirloom toys home. 

So I am all for adopting the Montessori method and using materials and toys to help me along the way. 

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