Top 10 Materials to Have on Hand for Toddler Activities

Top 10 Materials to Have on Hand for Toddler Activities

1.Crayons: Remove the labels from crayons when possible. For the younger child, fatter crayons work best.

2.Construction paper: Construction paper is very versatile. Be sure to keep a wide variety of colors on hand.

3.Poster board: Use poster board when you need a stronger, more durable paper.

4.White craft glue: You can also use rubber cement or school paste for most projects. Choose what works best for you and your child.

5.Old magazines: Old magazines are a wonderful source for collage and activity pictures. Nature and home-living magazines are the best for this.

6.Scissors: In addition to adult scissors for you, purchase a pair of safety scissors for your child. If you wish, you can also find beginners’ guiding scissors and fancy-edged scissors at school supply stores.

7.Felt-tip markers: Markers are useful for adding small details to projects. Some manufacturers even make washable markers.

8.Food coloring: This is handy for coloring homemade dough and various other craft.

9.Recycled household materials: You can reuse materials such as egg cartons, yarn scraps, toilet paper tubes, and boxes for many activities.

10.Nontoxic tempera paint: Tempera paint is an easy paint for your child to work with. It has a nice smooth texture and comes in many colors.

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