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What do Beyonce and Sustainable Style have in Common?

On the surface, the Queen of haute couture may seem like an unlikely comparison. But if you look beyond, you will realize, Sustainable Style is to fashion what Beyoncé is to the world of music - a luxury that is enduring and endearing. Leaving a lasting impression, Beyoncé and Sustainable Styling gives us goals worth working towards. Sounds intriguing? So, without much ado, let us channel our inner Queen Bey in styling!
Choose pieces that are priceless: Eager to follow in the footsteps of fashionistas, we often lean towards affordable, fast-fashion available in plenty through online shopping. While cheaper, the clothes intended to fuel consumerism, costs in terms of quality and fit, both important for being a fashion influencer. Eco-conscious designers and fashion activists, on the other hand, use their imagination to create sustainable pieces with intricate detailing. Made with thoughtful planning at every stage, from ethical sourcing of material to localized weaving to fair pay to artisans involved, it encourages a cleaner fashion industry model. Green garments, therefore, come with a price tag most of us are uncomfortable about. You must focus on the fact that you are not paying price but creating value. It will pay to rewire your brain to invest in quality over quantity. Made with love and care the pieces are going to be a part of your closet for its wearable elegance and versatile appeal.
Pro-Tip:  Your clothing is not a trendy album you will hear on repeat for two weeks and forget about it forever. It is something you will come back to again and again because of its timeless appeal. The key to being unforgettable is to buy one right piece that nails the look, rather than five almost right pieces that don’t fit and won’t last.
  • Start Small but Start Strong: Our choices have a ripple effect. That trendy top you shopped from a fast-fashion brand is (majorly) made by underpaid women in exploitative working conditions. That super stylish rayon top fills up the landfills polluting our ecosystem. That coveted pair of denim uses up about seven thousand litres of water. Not to mention spending your hard-earned money on something that won’t last more than 3 wears is not wallet-friendly, exactly.
Conscious fashion choices help improve the fashion biosphere as a whole – from the production process to labour conditions. Most of us agree that as a society we need to develop sustainability and elevate environmental impact. But what is sustainable fashion, exactly? Is it supporting local designers? Is it using organic fabric? Is it renting clothes? Although a buzzword, the sustainable fashion movement is still evolving. It, therefore, helps to focus on doing better one step at a time.
Pro-Tip:  Start adding pieces that complement your existing clothes, rebuilding your wardrobe one item at a time. Ditch the urge to choose wrinkle-free clothing made from synthetic fabric. Use garments made from organic, plant-derived fibres such as cotton, linen, or hemp. Maximize your fashion buys by consciously choosing sustainable pieces, building a high-quality collection you will enjoy wearing year after year.
  • Grown-up Elegance: It is all about simple sexiness. Your allure goes beyond trendy fashion fads. Dressing sustainably does not have to compromise on your styling goals or fashion sense. Dressing for style or dressing for comfort, find pieces that emphasize your body type and personality. Independent designers and fashion houses are changing their practices to meet the sustainability demands of conscious consumers, crafting pieces that get a nod in the fashion department. You can go through ethical designs by local labels to meet your specifications.
Pro-Tip: Introduce yourself to sustainable brands, understanding their manufacturing practices and sustainability standards. When uncertain ask questions. Most brands have enough information on their websites and social media pages. If you need to know more, do reach out to them for a better understanding. Create a minimalist yet imaginative collection that can be used throughout the day from client meets to social settings. Follow this old maxim by Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashion fades, but style is eternal.”
Being well-dressed is an expression of creativity and care. Creating a sustainable wardrobe may seem challenging since it seemingly limits your choices as far as trends are concerned. And it is a valid concern for someone who loves dressing up to the nines. But it is doable, and we would love to help you build a sustainable wardrobe, one beautiful piece at a time. Am I willing to put my money where my mouth is? I sure am!
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