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What makes Slow Living so attractive?

Ok so let's start by what is slow living because while is a term that few understand, most use it very loosely.
Carl Honore, who wrote In Praise of Slow, which many consider the manifesto of the Slow Movement, explained it this way:
"It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace. It’s about seeking to do everything at the right speed. Savouring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting."
In the 1980s in Italy, the slow movement began with slow food. Carlo Petrini who was the founder of the Slow Food Movement saw the negative effects of industrialised fast food systems on food, health, social justice and culture. Slow Food was his cure for this modern illness.
Since then, we have applied Slow Values to everything from work to fashion to technology. In fact, A Charmed Life is founded on these values and we strive to help you live the good, slow life. According to me, Slow Living is choosing to live a better life. Using your resources to make finer, more enriching and rewarding choices.
What has made the movement so popular in recent time?
Well working from home, living the new normal life through the pandemic has only made the concept gain popularity but over the past few years Slow + Simple living has seen a huge bump in popularity. We have been running around like chickens without heads, exhausted and overwhelmed and feeling like something’s missing. That need to fill that hole has lead to racking up debt, creating havoc on our environment and well-led to hoarding so many things.
We all at some point wake up knowing that we can’t go on this way. A simple, slow life seems like a lovely change of pace from the frantic lives most of us are living, doesn’t it? Lesser worry, lesser stress, lesser debt, lesser but better stuff. One needs to remember that we’re running out of credit, and the earth is running out of time. So intuitively it makes sense that choosing to live a Slower Life could help.
Today on Instagram I shared a post that asked a simple question - what does slow living mean to you and to my surprise most of my friends and family messaged me asking for cues and indicated that well one may need a quick introduction to what it really means to live a slow life. So here are a few pointers for you, of course when you decide to buy something on A Charmed Life, you automatically embark on your slow living journey.
- Faster is NOT always better.
Ok so sometimes it’s fun to go fast. Sometimes it’s necessary. And that is TOTALLY OK.
Slow Living doesn’t mean you have to practice intentionally slow micro-movements while making your coffee - I mean who has the time for that? I have a toddler who makes sure I am usually gulping my coffee so definitely not my idea of a slow life....
What Slow Living is, is a deep belief that faster isn’t ALWAYS better. It is about following a life that is well-paced out. It is about ENJOYING life and it's moments, not cramming a pizza slice at lunch even if it is in between zoom calls. Remember that while efficiency has it’s place, far too often efficiency and speed rob our lives of purpose and joy. Choosing to live an intentionally Slow Life gives us a chance to evaluate what is important, make decisions consciously instead of out of habit, and actually experience the moment we find ourselves in.
- Quality over Quantity
More, bigger, faster is a pretty common modern mantra.
Our undisciplined pursuit of More is making us unhappy, unhealthy and indebted. It’s also not been so good for Mother Earth. It's like us at a Zara store, waiting to go. into the trial room with heaps of clothing that we may end up wearing only once or twice...
Instead, Slow Living celebrates LESS but BETTER. Whether it’s the Slow Food Movement that advocates eating lesser but better quality food or Slow Fashion that emphasizes owning fewer pieces that are made to last, the Slow Movement always puts quality before quantity. As conscious parents, Udit and I have been practising this with Baby Shloka by buying her fewer but better, plastic-free clothes and toys or even pre-loved books.
It is the basic premise on which I founded A Charmed Life, to bring you handpicked and curated artisanal products made with love and made in smaller batches using the best of materials that will last you for years.
Whether it is clothes for women or wooden toys for children or artisanal products made by India's most talented craftsmen, we have brought together a mishmash of products that will enrich the quality of life for you and your family.
-A Slow Lifestyle makes time and space for what actually matters
Slow Living eliminates the non-essential in order to make room for what really matters. Rather than viewing Slow Living as something to add to your to-do list, think of Slow Living as a NOT to-do list. The pandemic and lockdown have only reaffirmed my belief that most of the things we think is important aren't. Our houses are clutter with items MADE IN FACTORIES, SWEATSHOPS and MADE IN CHINA. What we need to do over the next few months is to, especially during Diwali cleaning, throw out what doesn't matter and keep or add only that which is made with love or has some significance to the life of those who use it or make it.
- Slow Living is about being intentional in everything we do.
Ever wondered why Facebook etc. are willing to pay such big bucks to get it and keep it?
If you ready the law of attraction, you will know that your life generally takes you in the direction your mind wanders. So imagine if you think and attract the good and slow lifestyle, filled with quality over quantity in everything you do whether food, parenting or fashion, that is what it will end up being - a life of quality and memories and fine things.
Keep a gratitude journal, even if it is on your phone and. surround yourself with only positive people and things. Slow Living teaches us to be fiercely, unapologetically protective of our attention, this philosophy has helped me reduce the clutter in life in a big way - in the way I live, eat, shop or even in the emotions I invest in people and relationships, even if it means saying NO a lot.
I am fiercely protective of those I love but more than anything protective of my time and emotions. Those who do business with me will vouch for my no-nonsense attitidue and ability to say ' this is not for me, sorry'. Thoughts are magical things, the ones we feed are the ones that grow. But we have to choose. Most of us who are living a fast, frenetic life aren’t choosing. Someone else (who is probably profiting from it) is choosing for us.
Slowing down allows us the time and focus to be intentional about how we spend out attention, our most valuable resource. So when you buy something next time online or at a store or invest your attention into something, think about who is actually benefiting more from it.
- Slow living is about embracing the imperfect, the one of a kind and the made with love.
Some of the most "perfect" moments of my life have been the ones that weren’t planned for, the ones that aren’t worth Instagramming. They’re messy and imperfect and sometimes full of pain. Slow Living is about learning to lean into the pain as well as the joy. You can’t turn off one without turning off the other. It is about embracing life and what it throws your way in good and bad. SLOW LIVING ISN’T ABOUT PERFECTION. And there is no ONE way to do it.
Slow Living isn’t about going at a going at a snail’s pace, slow Living is about Le Tempo Giusto. The PROPER pace. YOU get to choose that pace. Not me or some perfectly styled woman on Instagram. I have always been an advocate of loving yourself, that you're the perfect version of you and that while trying to learn and improve is great, it should be on your own terms. No one else gets to decide if your life is Slow enough. You can’t do it wrong. There are NO rules.
So go on, embark on your Slow Living journey, make that one change, one day at a time, one purchase at a time. Let us help you in any way we can. You may reach me to know more, ask more. and learn more and we can grow together! aarti@acharmedlife.in
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