Why Active Play is so important.

Why Active Play is so important.

Active Play is one of the best ways you can help encourage and promote both your child’s cognitive and physical development. In today's day and age with outside play and parks almost out of the question, many of us (including me) spend time worrying about if our child is getting access to opportunities for active play.

The first time your child sits up, crawls, walks, runs, skips, swims is always so special. As your child moves and grooves, his or her little bones, muscles and tendons strengthens. What you might not realise is that his or her brain is also getting a workout.

What is Active play ?

It is any sort of play that enables kids (or babies) to get their heart rate up. Through physical activity, a child’s mind is able to start forming connections with their body. This encourages hand-eye coordination, honing gross motor skills, teaches spatial awareness and ultimately builds confidence.

We have curated some fantastic active play toys for your child.  From push wagons to a balance board your tot will love using well into adulthood, each toy offers more than just fun – they offer the opportunity for your little one to play, learn and grow!

                                            The Rocking Horse


                                       Rocking Horse

Inspired by mid-century modern European design, your tot will imagine riding across the prairie, have untold adventures and befriend unicorns. We have a few options for your child to pick from. You can check the WOODEN ROCKING HORSE from Shumee as well. 

                                     Wooden Sensory Play Tools

When your tot scoops, sifts and dumps sand or rainbow rice, they’ll be using both large and small muscles that will help develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A great addition to your sensory play toys as well. 

Wooden Sensory Tools


                                         The Pikler Triangle and Ramp

A favourite in our household, this tool deserves an entire post dedicated to it and I promise it is worth the investment of money and space in your home. We have had it for over a year now and my little Shloka absolutely loves it ! 

Pikler Triangle

                                  ROCKING SCOOTER

The totally adorable rocking scooter is particularly perfect for small spaces and is sooo much fun for your little tot. 

There is a reason why we rock babies to calm them or help them sleep. The rocking movement may help regulate the heart rate. Research also links rocking with good blood circulation. Even when they grow into toddlers and older children, rocking has a calming effect and helps children feel secure and relaxed.
- Rockers improves core strength and sense of Equilibrium
- Rockers can facilitate the introduction of rhythm
- Encourages creativity and open-ended play

                                      Rocking Scooter

                             The Wobble/ Curvy Board/ Balance Board

Arguably one of the most versatile toys in the world, the Wobble Board or Waldorf Board, can be used for balancing, rocking, stepping, sliding, bridging, yoga and more! 

                       Wobble Board


                                       The Gardening Tool Set

I am waiting for Shloka to grow slightly older before I get her this beautiful kit to encourage her to explore her green thumb. Gardening is a fun way to get kids outside and engaged with the world around them. Simultaneously a fun sensory experience as well and great for motor skill and hand eye coordination. 

                                          Gardening Kit

Here are a few more active toys that are great for your child including the walker, push wagon and more. 

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