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We got back to town recently, rather rushed back as we had a sick toddler with a stomach bug and high temperature. Not the way we had planned to start the year but now that she is better, it's all good. I will be sharing a how to handle fever in babies soon but today we just did a fun activity. 

There are many derivatives of the puffy paint recipe but I was inspired by an image on Pinterest.


  • Shaving Cream (we used papa's brand but shhh he doesn't need to know! )
  • White School Glue (we used the Amazon ones, I have stocked them up)
  • Washable Paints - we used food colour.
  • Paper
  • Paint Brushes (optional)
  • Plastic Cups (optional)


I used plastic cups which made clean up super easy. I put a generous amount of shaving cream in the cup.

Pour an equivalent amount of white school glue on top of the shaving cream. You really can’t mess this up so don’t worry about an exact measurement. I would say I used about 2-3 tablespoons of glue.

Add a dollop of washable paint. We used food colours that we bought off Amazon.

Stir the mixture. I used a plastic straw to mix it all together. Add more paint if you want more colour intensity.


  • Use plastic cups and a plastic spoon/straw to stir – helps keep clean up fast!
  • A roll of white wrapping paper (from IKEA ) was perfect for our purposes – easy cleanup!
  • Be careful if you do this with a younger child – my little one wanted to taste the puffy paint a couple of times so I had to be watchful and keep her hands out of his mouth.


The puffy paint texture is fun, a little messy but clean up was very quick and easy. It makes for great sensory play and of course mess is always fun ! 

We will be using this paper as a gift wrap for Papa's birthday this weekend, I can't wait to show you the final product !  

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