Collection: Chhota Baccha


CHHOTA BACCHA is all about depicting culture and values through garments and little made-ups. The brand believes in connecting people by age-old customs and beliefs that are prevalent in our thought and psyche as a hand me down.


We are simplifying clothes and the art of dressing your baby.  Our seamstresses and artisan team is an all-women team, all mothers with babies which enforces the base need of practical easy efficient infant wear. Through the essence of design and details, we take forward the legacy of traditional India and celebrate it.


CHHOTA BACCHA partners with SVATANYA, who make value-added toys with the leftover fabrics from production. We proudly partner with GOONJ and once the CHHOTA  BACCHA baby has outgrown the garment, we send these garments off to the NGO to reuse productively.