Toys for Toddlers (1-3y)


As your baby is getting older, you’re probably wondering what developmentally appropriate toys you should be considering for your blossoming little one. During the period of 12 to 18 months of age, your baby is now walking with confidence and expanding his or her vocabulary. He or she is able to entertain him or herself without the need for you to always be there to soothe, comfort, or play with them. Your baby is also beginning to show more emotion at this stage of development. He or she will love to give hugs, smiles, kisses, and even over-joyous body movements to show happiness. Personality begins to develop and your baby will have no problem letting you know what he or she likes. The coos that your baby was making earlier are now turning into recognizable words, allowing for more interaction between you and your baby.

With all these changes, toys are wonderful items to encourage your baby’s overall development! We have put together a list just for you! 

We encourage buying open-ended toys and wooden toys like our Tea Set to help them bloom and grow. Some toys that may engage your baby include a playset kitchen, laundry room or grocery store. Your baby will love these playsets that are just the perfect size for his or her height and baby fingers.

However one must not leave a toddler unsupervised for a long duration and never alone around choking hazards. 

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