About Us

I always believe that when we support each other, incredible things can happen. A Charmed Life was born with a desire to empower women entrepreneurs, slow and sustainable fashion and design brands, to help them grow and make that impact they wanted to. It started as a blog to share my thoughts and showcase the products I loved. I firmly believe that fashion is for EveryBody and that Sustainable products can be beautiful, well priced and of high quality.
One thing led to another and with time A Charmed Life gained recognition both in India and abroad. More people reached out to me to enquire about Indian brands and artisans; more brands reached out to consult me for their business. I made it my mission to look for talent, unknown brands, women who were doing and creating something different in fashion, decor and beyond. I helped curate pop-ups, trunk shows around the globe, and things were going wonderfully well. When I had a baby last year, I was introduced to a whole new world of design and baby-related products. I discovered brands that were beautiful, functional, made with love and well priced. Brands made by moms for babies and their moms. I added the ones I discovered to my list of brands to support, and then COVID 19 struck us all. It was time to reflect and improvise, to try to help the brands I enjoyed, loved and supported.
A Charmed Life (Shop) was born, a platform to showcase and genuinely enable the deserving few. Each product you see on my platform is curated,  studied and filtered by me. I want to bring you brands that are unique, of great quality and something you will grow to love and cherish as much as I do. They have been found by research, flipping through magazines, connecting design schools, non-profits and social enterprises visiting Fashion Shows, pop-ups and bazaars, staying up till 4 am (while the baby sleeps) studying the digital platforms looking for these, vetting these brands run by women entrepreneurs or those with a green heart.
I am excited that as my baby girl turns one, I inch closer to my goal to help build a better tomorrow by sharing stories, products and ideas that will help us all lead A Charmed Life. Through this platform, I will continue to work to empower these people -  artisans, mothers, women trying to build their own identity, and with your support, through each purchase, share or referral to a friend we will all continue to grow, beyond Covid19, beyond 2020, for years to come.  
So go on, shop mindfully, knowing you support so many people and help keep traditions and ideas alive. 
Keep Shining,
Aarti U Kapoor 
Woman Entrepreneur & Mother