Who are we?

Who we are?

Hello, beautiful Momma, and welcome to the journey of A Charmed Life.

It all started with a problem. A problem I had as a conscious consumer. As a new mother I realised that bang in the middle of the pandemic I was struggling to source and buy quality toys, books, products and clothes for my little one. Having been a business consultant and entrepreneur for 15 years and having worked in Sustainable Fashion and Design as well as worked with Artisans at the grassroot level I saw a gap and I knew I needed to and wanted to plug it.

It was a slow and very tough journey - nannyless, with a new baby - locked in - I launched A Charmed Life the store - inspired by my little girl Shloka. I looked feverishly for beautiful toys and clothes for babies, toddlers and older kids - sourcing them from artisans, collaborating with women led businesses - working to bring them online and make them accessible. As a new mother, I wanted my baby to only have the best in clothing and toys and that fuelled my desire to work harder and source the best that India had to offer. 

The early days were really hard - feeding, staying up working while the baby slept, unsure I could pull it off at the stage of life I was in, investing all my resources and energy into the project. 2020 was a year of research and feverishly working all hours, odd hours - baby in lap. On her first birthday I launched the website - open to moms like me - mommas who wanted something better than what was out there. I decided to expand the business to help new moms give their babies the best.

It has been 2 years since, the website continues to grow, we learn each day, my aim from day 1 has to make parenting easy,  childhood fun and everything affordable. 

We support the Made in India vision, our country's strategy to build and diversify its economy. As such, we source handcrafted high-quality, practical products. Quality is key but so is pricing. 100+ brands strong - we work with women led business and those that support artisans. Every purchase fuels 100s of dreams around the country. 

We work towards achieving our goal and dream one day at a time. Sometimes things are slower, life takes over but we keep walking and working to bring you the best India has to offer. 

In addition to providing the best possible products, we also want to ensure that our customers have a premium shopping experience. That's why we offer exceptional customer service, customisations for birthday and bulk gifting, fast shipping and accept a variety of payment methods. We learn each day and try to improve. We are a small team and compete with none.  Do you want to see our latest designs and products ? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.