A Charmed Life - Brand Protection Program

A Charmed Life’s Commitment to Brand Protection

At A Charmed Life, we take pride in supporting and promoting artisans and small businesses. We strive to be a platform where mommies (and daddies and the rest of the family!) can discover a curated selection of great age-appropriate products they can confidently gift to our kids.
Today we have over 10000 active customers and over 100 brands and artisans showcase their products through us. Women entrepreneur led small businesses represent most of the products sold on our site.

The trust you, our customers, place in us is what drives us and our partners to invest hundreds of hours iterating and significant sums in testing products. We want to ensure that this effort by our partners is rewarded, so they can keep weaving their magic! In this effort, we aim to prevent counterfeit products from reaching our shelves.

We invite registered brands to enrol in our Brand Protection Program. Participation is optional and completely free of cost for the brand and ensures your brand is accurately represented on our platform. We use information shared by you to also protect your patented or copyrighted designs proactively, by not allowing counterfeits to list on our platform. Of course, as a small business ourselves, we acknowledge that our systems are not fool-proof, and some bad actors may seep through the cracks. We do not take any legal liability for this but are eager to investigate and promptly act upon claims.

Protected brands may register by emailing the relevant documents to marketing@acharmedlife.in with the subject line: Brand Protection Program.

We take this matter very seriously. Registered Brands can raise infringement claims directly with our founder at aarti@acharmedlife.in in these cases.

Given the limitless creativity of our nation’s artisans, the ability to iterate on older designs, and to borrow ideas from idea-aggregating websites (including Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, etc.) we are only able to support claims backed by design copyrights and patents as per Indian or International law. We are happy to sell high-quality generic products made with love.

We want to be the store of choice for both customers and brands and are proud to help these small businesses thrive and create hundreds of jobs. We ourselves strive to earn and maintain customer trust, and strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit products.