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10 month play kit - Up and about

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The 10 month play kit contains developmentally appropriate toys especially designed by doctors for you and your little one. The focus of this kit is to encourage independent standing and walking along with better language development. We not just provide the product but also all the relevant information you need for holistic development. Our play kits include a sensory motor play plan spread across 3 months and a parent handbook which answers all the questions you may have about your baby. All the information provided is written by doctors and therapists and available at your doorstep.

"""Play Kit 4 (10 months onward) – Up And About
Each kit contains -

1. Plop and Learn Shape Sorter – An easy to hold shape sorter that enhances gross grasp and beading action

2. Wooden Blocks –A set of large sized blocks to encourage palmar grasp

3. Single Piece Puzzle – A Montessori classic with a twist – a mirror base for better engagement

4. Alligator Plushie – Adorable gender neutral toy to start the journey of pretend play

5. Dumbbell Drop – An in-house design that teaches cause and effect and helps in visual tracking

6. Baby’s First Book of Animal Sounds – Real animals in appropriate setting for babies to look at and mimic

7. Surprise DIY pouch – Create something special for baby and you

8. Sensory Motor Play Plan – A holistic “catch all” book written by our team of experts

9. Play Plan Guide – Stage based activities using everyday household items for various domains of play

10. Toy Cards – Ideas on how to play with the aids backed by all the research you and your little one need


All that babies need to play (are appropriate play things)
All that parents need to know (doctor vetted information handbook)

Conveniently curated in a kit """

MATERIAL : wood +fabric + paper

BOX CONTENT : 9 play essentials - 6 play products + sensory-motor play plan + parent handbook + surprise DIY