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4 Stage Rocket Toy with 20 Space Accessories

4 Stage Rocket Toy with 20 Space Accessories

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The 84 cm tall, 4 stage rocket is fun to assemble. Once the Rocket frame (all 4 stages) is assembled, children can decide where they want to place the 20 accessories that come with the rocket.

How they want to play and which planet they want to travel to? Do they want to get out of the rocket and explore a new land? Do they want to carry out the repairs in the rocket, so that they can take off to a new planet? Do they want to chase the alien with the lunar patrol car? What is a solar panel used for? Why do I need a patrol car and a lunar exploration vehicle? Parents will be bombarded with so many questions coming from curious brains. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about our solar system and space! A learning science foundation that is built in a fun and playful way!

  • Learn Through Play: Children learn the best through play. The 4 Stage DIY Rocket Toy is designed to encourage children to build the rocket on their own and go on a journey to outer space. Playtime will be much more fun as kids explore new planets and stars with the 4-stage rocket toy that offers the world experience. The rocket comes with 20 exquisite accessories to satisfy children's crazy curiosity.
  • 20 Exquisite Accessories: The set includes life-like cartoon model toys of 2 astronauts, 1 lunar patrol car, 1 alien, 1 suspension car, 1 signal tower, 1 collection vehicle, 1 instrument, 1 planet flag, 1 lunar exploration vehicle, 1 charging station, 5 solar panels, 1 space robot and 3 rocket racks. The hand-lift easy up and down transport helps the astronauts to travel across 4 stages of the rocket. The exclusive pattern printed rocket catches the eye of every child and keeps them engaged for hours. The accessories are separate and movable and can be placed anywhere inside the compartments of the rocket. These items can also be taken outside and used for other adventurous games. The limit is your child’s imagination.
  • Material: Our 4 Stage Rocket Toy is made from high-quality wood and water-based paints that are safe, non-toxic, and sustainable.
  • Product Size: 84×41.5 cm
  • Recommended Age: 3 Years - 12 Years
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