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The Sad Little Fact

The Sad Little Fact

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ANew York Timesbestselling author and the #1New York Timesbestselling illustrator ofThe Good Eggdeliver a perfectly timed, funny read-aloud about the importance of telling the truth.There once was a fact who could not lie.But no one believed him.When the Authorities lock the sad little fact away, along with other facts, the world goes dark. But facts are stubborn things. With the help of a few skillful fact finders, they make a daring escape and bring truth back to brighten the world. Because after all, "a fact is a fact" and that's that!Truth be told, this spare, ingenious story reads like a modern-day parable. Bestselling author, Jonah Winter, and the #1New York Timesbestselling illustrator ofThe Good Egg, Pete Oswald, pair together to remind us of the importance of honesty and truth during a time of lies and fake news.

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