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Affirmation Journal

Affirmation Journal

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Our mind continuously generates thoughts & feelings, therefore it should be a pleasant place to be. When we understand we can take charge of our thoughts through positive affirmations, why not use it for our own advantage?

Concept - Affirmations are short positive statements that are repeated to oneself (verbally or by writing down), to in still or reinforce an intention or belief; that one wants to manifest into reality.

Affirmations work by breaking the existing negative (and often limiting) thought patterns that our mind follows, and over time, making way to newer and more positive thought-patterns.

This affirmation journal, made out of hand-made paper is designed to help you make your own affirmation/s and acts as a reminder to practice affirmations on a regular basis. It is a space where your mind attunes itself, to practise affirmations every time you’re in the vicinity of the journal.

Your Not Just Buying the Journal...

With the journal, you also get free access to 06 videos by Pooja Saran, that take you through the process of practising your affirmations correctly, and the scientific backing behind the power of Affirmations!

Keep the following in mind while you’re on your way to positivity: 1. Ensure your affirmations are in the present tense & do not include negative connotations like “not”, “never”, “don’t”, and “can’t”. 2. Practise the affirmations like you’re living it. 3. Have complete faith in your affirmations. Even a drop of doubt can dilute the effectiveness of it. 4. Be consistent for a minimum of 21 days for them to become a part of your routine.

  • Material: 100 GSM Hand-Made Paper | Hardcover
  • Dimension: L - 19.5 x B - 14.5 x H - 1 cm
  • Weight: 228 grams
  • No. of Pages: 103 Unruled Pages
  • Comes with a cloth bag.
  • Ships in approx. 1-2 days.

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