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Luma World

Alpha Steel - A Tactical Board Game

Alpha Steel - A Tactical Board Game

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Alpha Steel is a strategy based board game that is perfect for 10+ years.
Whether it’s game night with friends, weekends with family or to combine the power of learning and play for kids, the board game provides an awesome experience for all.
Enjoy as you use your robot’s special powers and tactics to vanquish other bots and lead the entire bot army.

Out on the planet of Ibun, the Bots have created an advanced battle training. Here, the Bots must show their strength at the Alpha Steel Arena and decide who is the Last Bot Standing. The winner becomes the leader of the Elite Bot Army. The Age of the Human is over, the Age of the Bot begins! Go Droid!

Learning through Play - Use this Strategy based Board Game to Learn Number Operations, Profit, Loss and Simple Percentages in a fun manner.
Develop Multiple Skills - Develop life skills like problem solving, resource management and financial literacy, while learning moral values like mental fortitude, sustainable living and respect for opponents.
Popular at home or in school - Effective in the classroom to improve cognitive ability and peer learning and at home to reduce screen time and improve social interaction.
Designed for Engagement - Easy to learn with a kid friendly rulebook and a game tutorial video. Collectible Robot Cards & Fantasy Currency (Azol) raise interest and promote interactivity
Intuitive, Inclusive and Replayable - The game has unlimited outcomes for an enhanced experience every time.

1 Arena Board
2 Action Dice
40 Game Cards
8 Bot Peg Cards
65 Azol Tokens
60 Energy Tokens
10 years and up
Made in India
A Charmed Life presents Luma World, an edutainment enterprise that focuses on game-based skill development. They aim to coax people to off their screens by replicating the gratification and adrenaline rush of digital games in real life. While fun is at the core of everything they create, they also aim to develop a plethora of relevant skills in young learners. All the learning is subliminal, with enjoyment at the maximum as Luma go beyond academics and adds WOW to learning!

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