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Animal Puzzle - Rhino

Animal Puzzle - Rhino

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Let learning be a fun activity for your kids as they learn the alphabets, numbers and how shapes fit together with this amazing jigsaw puzzle which joins to form the shape of a rhino. This puzzle is made of wood and the pieces are completely free of sharp edges to make this a truly safe toy for your child.Contains: 1 wooden jigsaw puzzleSize: 7 inchesAGE GUIDANCE3 years and aboveMATERIALSWoodCOUNTRY OF ORIGINIndiaABOUT THE BRANDA Charmed Life presents ilearnngrow, the brainchild of Ritu Kukreja and Reenu Kedia, which began with the vision to help kids reduce screentime while keeping the fun alive as they 'learn to grow'. ilearnngrow presents games and toys that not only are fun but help kids develop cognitive skills and problem-solving ability to make their minds sharper. They have also introduced products that enhance children's value systems and help them gain perspective in life!

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