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Animal Train Diy Paper Art & Craft Kit - Jumboo Toys

Animal Train Diy Paper Art & Craft Kit - Jumboo Toys

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Engage kids with the fun activity where it helps them create motion skills and develop creativity at the same time. Animal train was created to help kids learn more about mechanism of how a train works as we have attached four carriers to the main engine and have covered most of the detailing that is found in an actual train. Though we have named it animal train it can actually carry anything that the kid would love to put inside the cages. The kid can also put plastic light weight animals to have a real feel and run the train around the house. Paper are delicate material so kindly followup the grownup meter as how much involvement of elders are required as with Jumboo Toys we try to cover up two bridges where the kids develops patience while creating this toys as well parental and elder engagement with kids which has lost in transition with modernization. We recommend to read the step guide properly and feel comfortable before starting to create the toy.

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