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Disney Frozen2 Hot Water Bag With Soft Textile Cover

Disney Frozen2 Hot Water Bag With Soft Textile Cover

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Are the kids suffering from a cold or seasonal flu,chest congestion or just an abdominal pain? need a natural body warmer? Can't get them to use a normal hot water bag? Try this Disney Frozen-2 Hot water bag. Their favourite character right with them. This is a very useful and multipurpose product. Hot Water Bottles is made from durable quality with leak proof technology. It is used as natural body warmer in winters and also for Heat Therapy. Heat therapy can help relieve pain in the affected region and bring relief. For usage, fill 2/3rd of the bottle with hot water and place it on the region of pain and the effect can be felt in minutes.

Key Features

COVERED OF A SOFT AND SILKY MATERIAL TO MAKE IT MORE NICE THOSE COLD AFTERNOONS: Suffering from cold or flu. An unpleasant day, cold, rain, the night falls. Better to spend it on the couch in the company of the fluffy bag of hot water. Especially in cold. True? This is something else!

THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE TO FEEL A TASTE: With the cold our skin becomes more sensitive. Therefore, the material that covers our bag of hot water is soft and fluffy. Ideal in case of pelvic or abdominal pain or simply to spend a more warm afternoon in the middle of winter. Its soft outer layer also prevents you from getting too hot, distributes the heat evenly and releases it gradually.

NO TOXIC OR HARMFUL MATERIALS: The velvety layer that covers the hot water bottle is made of soft polyester free of contaminants or harmful substances (according to clinical trials). In addition, the bottle complies with the current EC regulations.

GREAT CAPACITY: The bottle / bag has dimensions of 33 x 21 x 4.5 cm and 2 liters of capacity. This is a great advantage during the cold nights: it will keep you warm for much longer. 

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