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B.Box 5 In 1 Cleaning Brush Set

B.Box 5 In 1 Cleaning Brush Set

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This set contains every cleaning brush you need to hygienically clean sippy cups, drink bottles, straws and other hard to reach places, all on one handy ring. Brushes clip in and out of the handy ring.Set contains 5 types of brushes:

1. Sippy cup straw brush
2. Brush for tritan drink bottle, insulated drink bottle and bowl + straw
3. Pointed fine brush to clean valves + small holes
4. Teat brush
5. General cleaning + rim thread brush1 cleaning brush is one of Australia's most recognized baby brand. It is present across 45 countries and in approximately 2000 stores in Australia itself. Becoming a parent is an exciting and at times can become daunting process as well. provides what you need when you leave the house, travelling with kids, starting solids, feeding on the go, storage options, all present little challenges for parents and kids. What makes unique is the thought that is given to design, functionality and aesthetic. approaches product design differently, including parents, retailers and of course kids into their design process. What do each need from the product and how can best solve their challenge?

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