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1 of 1 Reusable Straw Travel Set Reusable Straw Travel Set

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The perfect on-the-go alternative to single-use plastic straws. Reusable and long-lasting, our high-quality silicone straw is soft on teeth and gums and safe to use with warm and cool liquids. Flexible with an angled tip at the top to allow for easy reaching and drinking and a small indent at the straw tip provides comfort when sipping.

Travel Set includes 1 straw and a cleaner, which features a ribbed tip, designed to clean grime from the inside and the long design ensures a thorough clean, top to bottom.

The straw and cleaner come packed in a handy pouch, meaning compact, hygienic storage when at home or on-the-go.

Straw can be hand-washed thoroughly with the included cleaner or placed straight into the dishwasher. Semi-translucent so parents can see as they’re cleaning1. 3+ years
2. compact travel pack for hygienic store and travel
3. reusable and long-lasting
4. straw safe to use with cool or warm liquids
5. flexible with angled top for easy drinking and soft on teeth and gums
6. semi-translucent straw design so kids can see as they’re sipping, and folks can see as they’re cleaning – no nasties left behind!
5. straw, cleaner and pouch handwash or dishwasher safe
6 comes with own ribbed cleaning brush for a thorough, hygienic clean
7. made from high quality and durable food-grade silicone - BPA, Phthalates and PVC free1 reusable straw, 1 cleaner and 1 is one of Australia's most recognized baby brand. It is present across 45 countries and in approximately 2000 stores in Australia itself. Becoming a parent is an exciting and at times can become daunting process as well. provides what you need when you leave the house, travelling with kids, starting solids, feeding on the go, storage options, all present little challenges for parents and kids. What makes unique is the thought that is given to design, functionality and aesthetic. approaches product design differently, including parents, retailers and of course kids into their design process. What do each need from the product and how can best solve their challenge?

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