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B.Box Silione First Feeding Bowl Set With Spoon - Lemon Sherbet Yellow Grey

B.Box Silione First Feeding Bowl Set With Spoon - Lemon Sherbet Yellow Grey

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We all know that toddlers can sometimes be a little “extra active” at mealtimes. Here’s a solution for less oopsies and less mess during those times. Introducing the silicone first feeding set. The set includes a silicone bowl with “stay suction” technology that sticks the base to any smooth surface - like highchair trays or smooth tables - so bubs can’t lift it, knock it, drop it or throw it anymore! No more ducking from that flying bowl of pasta! This silicone bowl has super suction powers to ensure the bowl stays put, challenging even the most energetic of toddlers! The set also includes an FDA food grade silicone spoon, that’s gentle on baby’s gums. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Available in 4 funky colours1. “Stay suction” technology ensures strong hold on any smooth surface

2. FDA food grade silicone

3. Easy grip side tabs provide better control for parents and stability for young self-feeders

4. Soft bite flexible first feeding spoon, easy to manoeuvre and soft on gums

5. Microwave, dishwasher and steriliser safe

6. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free1 bow with suction 1 is one of Australia's most recognized baby brand. It is present across 45 countries and in approximately 2000 stores in Australia itself. Becoming a parent is an exciting and at times can become daunting process as well. provides what you need when you leave the house, travelling with kids, starting solids, feeding on the go, storage options, all present little challenges for parents and kids. What makes unique is the thought that is given to design, functionality and aesthetic. approaches product design differently, including parents, retailers and of course kids into their design process. What do each need from the product and how can best solve their challenge?

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