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Barbeque Grill Toy Set

Barbeque Grill Toy Set

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This realistic barbeque station will actively engage your child in 'cooking' meals. They can heat up the cooking station with charcoal. The next step is to insert the meat, corn, and hotdogs into the skewers. Now it's ready to be cooked. 

  • 17 Piece Barbeque Playset: This realistic wooden barbeque playset includes various meat cuts, 10+ vegetables, knife, fork, tongs, skewers, a cutting pad, butter, barbeque sauce, and a cooking station. The meat and veggies are detachable and easy to cut. During pretend meal preparation, children can cut the vegetables attached with velcro, insert them in skewers and then grill the veggies and meat.
  • Learn Through Play: Roleplaying toys enhance creativity and comprehension. The wooden barbeque set teaches kids about the names, shapes, and colors of various vegetables. It also imparts them the life skills of cooking by cutting and mixing vegetables, adding sauce, serving the plate, and sharing food with friends and family. Role-play toys improve symbolic thinking.
  • High-Quality Material: The barbeque set is made of high-quality premium wood and painted with natural water-based colors. The cutting board and cooking station are also made of high-quality durable wood and canvas. The playset is smooth and has soft edges thus ensuring child safety. This set is very easy to install. Kids themselves can assemble this and start playing.
  • Product Size: 26×20×14cm (Grill size). Kindly check images for more details. Weight - 3 kg
  • Recommended Age: 3 years to 10 years
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