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Beech Wood Building Blocks With 53 Flashcards | Educational Toy

Beech Wood Building Blocks With 53 Flashcards | Educational Toy

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Beechwood building blocks are wooden sets of 53 flashcards that will help kids to build different shapes and structures. It is an open-ended toy that builds divergent thinking, creativity, and imaginative thinking.

  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY - The Alphabet and Numbers Beechwood building blocks are a perfect way to introduce alphabets and numbers to your child. Let them stack the blocks to build towers and in the process familiarize them with alphabets, numbers, mathematical skills, and language skills. It is a fun way to learn basic skills. There are 53 flashcards that offer kids ample opportunities to learn mathematical concepts like addition, substation, multiplication, and division. Kids can also learn new words and build their communication skills as they form the words on flashcards using the alphabet on the blocks
  • HIGH QUALITY – The Beechwood used is of the highest quality. There are no sharp edges on the blocks. The water-based paints used are safe for kids.
  • Size - Block Size - 3×3×3 cm, Flash Card - 15×9 cm, Product Weight – 1.15 Kg
  • Recommended age group: 3+ Years
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