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Baby Blue Soft Silicone Spoon - 2 Pack

Baby Blue Soft Silicone Spoon - 2 Pack

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Weaning has always been a matter of concern for every parent, and to ease this concern, Kicks and Crawl has designed a soft Silicone Spoon. It helps you feed your babies with its extra soft, gum-friendly, and flexible silicone tip, while their diet changes from milk and liquids to semi-solid cereal, mashed fruits, etc.



1. Soft tip spoon to feed your baby in right proportions.

2. Equipped with a perfect grip and soft spoon tip for first-time eaters.

3. Odourless and tasteless, always ready for a new meal.

4. Non-toxic & BPA free

5. The long handle makes feeding a perfect experience.



- To be used under adult supervision only

- Always check the food temperature before feeding

- Regularly check the product for any signs of damage

- Please discard damaged product immediately



o Always wash and sterilize the spoon before first use

o Clean with hot water sterilization for at least 5 minutes and cool it down before use

o Wash with hot soapy water after each use

o Replace the spoon regularly for hygiene and safety purposes

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