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Cuddle n Care

Cloth Face Mask for Men- Darks

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Let's adapt to the new normal - Keeping ourselves safe by wearing masks and taking care of hygiene!

Cuddle n Care Face Masks in attractive designs, colours, and prints which suit different occasions, be it work or fun.

Conical Masks by Cuddle n Care are ergonomically designed to fit well on your nose and chin, adequately covering the face.
These are specially designed for Men's. Made using quality fabric, these masks are soft and comfortable on your skin and are breathable as you wear them. This design blocks the dust and reduces the risk of dust, pollen, smoke.

These Masks are environment-friendly as they are reusable. Easy to carry a spare in your pocket as they are foldable, so take them everywhere you go!

MATERIAL : Cotton Fabric

CARE : Gentle wash by hand or in machine. After washing pull into shape and dry. DO NOT iron the elastic string. Do NOT pull your Mask to your chin to retain the elasticity of the strings.