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Luma World

Crafty Puggles

Crafty Puggles

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The late Viscount Pennington of Meyersbury has hidden his invaluable treasure in the gardens of his sprawling mansion. Many treasure hunters have tried to find it and have failed. That doesn’t mean all is lost! You’re a trainer of some crafty puggles - cute, cuddly, treasure-sniffing critters with a nose for all things bling. Can you guide them to the hidden treasure?
Let’s dig to win BIG! Crafty puggles is a tile placement and path building game that will transform your family game nights! Kids will learn and master basic fractions, pattern recognition, strategy, planning and creativity to guide their puggles to the ultimate treasure! It isn’t always a walk in the park because there are tons of twists and turns. It’s fun and different every time you play!
Enjoy with your friends and family as they apply their intellect and strategy to triumph in this innovative contest of wits!
Key Features
Tile Placement & Path Building with Pattern Matching
Learn to identify basic fractions and how they are represented
Simple Gameplay with lots of cognitive development for young minds
Introduce kids to strategic thinking and decision making
Replayable, interactive and great for improving communication
Play and Learn with Family and Friends Reduce Screen Time
Why Crafty Puggles?
Engaging gameplay to learn and identify simple fractions
Recognise patterns and apply the knowledge to build constructive paths
Balance mental maths with strategy and planning to find the hidden treasure Improve communication, negotiation and decision making
Get special power ups and boosts but use them wisely!
Cute characters and high quality components which are child safe and follow ASTM, EN-71 and BIS standards
Note: Small parts! Please ensure adult supervision at all times.
1 Treasure Game Board
90 Fraction Path Tiles
1 Action Dice
1 Fraction Dice
10 Power Cards
4 Puggle Den Mats
4 Puggle Pawns
1 Hound Token
5.1 H x 22.9 L x 40.6 W cms
No of Players
2 to 4
Time Duration
30 Minutes
8+ Years
Paper, Plastic
The first player to create a path from Enter to the Treasure, wins the game!
Puggles are your cutest friends, guide them well! In Crafty Puggles, you are treasure hunters guiding your trained puggles to dig their way to the hidden treasure.
Creating a path. Path Tiles are of three fraction Types: Half (½), One Fourth (¼) And Three Fourth (¾). To find the fraction on a path tile, remember the numerator is the muddy part, while the denominator is the sum of the grassy and the muddy parts. You create a path on the board by placing path tiles on the squares in your garden grove and connecting the muddy parts only. You may, however, use the grassy parts to block an opponent’s path.
The Dice Roll. The fraction dice has the same fractions as the path tiles: ½ , ¼ and ¾. The fraction dice indicates the path tile you will pick from the fraction bank. The action dice indicates the action you will perform. The action dice has four different actions: PLACE ROTATE PUGGLE BOOST AND, THE HOUND
when you roll ‘place’, first pick the path tile rolled on the fraction dice and then place it on any empty square in your garden grove.
if you roll ‘place’, you must place a tile in your own grove only. you cannot bank the tile or place it elsewhere.
once you place a tile, you or any other player cannot rotate or move it, unless you get the appropriate action from the dice or from a power card.
when you roll ‘rotate’, first pick the path tile as per the fraction dice and place it in your banked tiles. you cannot place a tile on the board.
Then you can rotate any tile already on the board. this could be your own or an opponents tile. on ‘puggle boost’, first pick the path tile on the fraction dice and place it in your banked tiles. once again, you cannot place a tile on the board. then move your puggle pawn one step forward in the puggle boost section in your puggle den.
when you roll ‘hound’, first pick the path tile on the fraction dice and place it in your banked tiles. then, move the hound on the board. if the hound isn’t on the board then you must place it. you can place or move it either onto a path tile same as the fraction rolled on the fraction dice or onto any other empty square on the board.
you can also choose to do nothing, and leave the hound where it currently is.
Special Actions at any time during your dice roll, you can do one or both of the following: give up 3 banked tiles to gain 1 puggle boost activate your puggle power.
Giving Up Banked Tiles you simply give up 3 banked tiles to move your puggle pawn forward by 1 on your puggle den mat. if after this action, your puggle reaches the maximum puggle boost [3] you may immediately activate puggle power as well.
A Charmed Life presents Luma World, an edutainment enterprise that focuses on game-based skill development. They aim to coax people to off their screens by replicating the gratification and adrenaline rush of digital games in real life. While fun is at the core of everything they create, they also aim to develop a plethora of relevant skills in young learners. All the learning is subliminal, with enjoyment at the maximum as Luma go beyond academics and adds WOW to learning!

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