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Cute Bunny Baby Shoes - Pink

Cute Bunny Baby Shoes - Pink

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Let your little princess crawl, walk or even hop in Kicks & Crawl's all new Cute Bunny Baby Shoes which are made with innovative 3D Designs approved by mothers across the country. The anti slip sole on the bottom provides support to your baby's every step, and the shoe design adds an extra layer of cuteness to your baby's outfit. Designed to be slipped on and worn, but engineered to stay on your baby's feet throughout all their activities. Available in 2 designs, choose the one that suits your baby's style.

Key Features:

1. Velcro Fastening - For all Day Movement
2. Non Slip Sole - For Support on every step
3. Innovative Design - 3D Design for extra cuteness


Sole- Rubber
Closure- Velcro

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