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Dabble Playart

Dabble Combo Pack | Finger Paints + Chubby Brushes

Dabble Combo Pack | Finger Paints + Chubby Brushes

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• A unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrances from coconut & sweet orange oil – which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for toddlers.
• Paints are Long-lasting, easily washable, and ready-to-use

• 3 colours (Red, Blue & Yellow) in 100 ml bottles each for toddlers.
• Set of 4 Playart Chubby Brushes (2 round brushes & 2 flat brushes)
• Brush length -12 cm
colours in mess-free squeezy bottles that don’t dry up easily.
• India's first Chubby Paint Brush Set that is eco-friendly, easy to grip with cruelty-free bristles for toddlers and kids.
• Easy-grip for little hands - Hurray! The short and stout wooden brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours

• Mix Dabble primary coloured paints to create a new colour !
• Dabble paint brushes can also be used as a tool to apply glue or for any other art and craft projects.
• Create textures using anything you find at home - things from nature such as leaves, flowers etc. and recycle waste materials such as bubble wrap, foam, sponges from your kitchen, straws etc and paint with them.
• Messee is all-rightee! Let kids slide, strike dab and splash without inhibitions.The multi-sensory experience of the paints and brush helps them relax as they focus on what’s happening rather than the results. So kids stay kids in a safe way.
• Use 2 brushes, one in each hand, and brush away! This builds motor skills and dexterity.
• Paint a tree using thumbprints and make it look super colourful.

18 months+


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