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Dabble Playart

Dabble Jumbo Paint brush set | Baby’s first paint brush 1 Year+

Dabble Jumbo Paint brush set | Baby’s first paint brush 1 Year+

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A perfect mix of balance and comfort with our ergonomically designed brushes with no strain to little hands so toddlers can paint their imagination. Dabble Jumbo Brushes are great beginner paint brushes for unlimited art and play time for kids.

• Use 2 brushes, one in each hand, and brush away! This builds motor skills and dexterity.
• The round and flat brushes create different strokes & textures - use both brushes to learn more!
• Use our Jumbo Brushes to paint abstract fun paintings, this creates a fun learning process!
• Kids can paint with our brushes by mixing water and paints to create beautiful art!
• Let your kids touch and feel the bristles of the brushes as they create a sensory experience.
• Messee is all-rightee! Let kids slide, strike dab, and splash without inhibitions. The multi-sensory experience helps them relax as they focus on what’s happening rather than the results. So kids stay kids in a safe way.
• Perfect birthday and return gift -Gift this pack to children you know and inspire creative expression in early childhood.

1 Year + to 2.5 Years

You will receive-
• Set of 2 Playart Jumbo Brushes (1 round brush & 1 flat brush) with soft bristles which help in the sensory experience.

Dabble Jumbo brushes are made with -
• Bulb-shaped wooden handle - Made of mango wood.
• Cruelty-free synthetic bristles
Brush length 12 cm

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