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Denttabs Bulk bag 10000 Tablets

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10,000 bulk bag DENTTABS toothbrush tablets Mint - with fluoride 

* Bulk goods 10,000 toothpaste tablets in a compostable foil bag

 Naturally shiny, beautiful and ultra-smooth teeth
Due to the high proportion of
 cellulose, DENTTABS clean and polish your teeth ultra-smoothly instead of "just" brushing them. As a result, "caries bacteria" and deposits can practically no longer be attacked.

Perfect for your sensitive teeth and tooth necks!
The fluoride-containing DENTTABS tooth cleaning tablets have a significantly better and more intensive effect, which harden, remineralise and even repair your teeth and sensitive tooth necks!



  • Microfine cellulose fibers (microcrystalline cellulose) polish your teeth ultra-smoothly into the spaces between the teeth. This is why new particles simply roll off the tooth surfaces, and plaque practically cannot develop in the first place.
  • Sodium fluoride (Sodium Fluoride) is used to remineralize tooth enamel and can help especially with sensitive tooth necks, but also with incipient tooth decay. Because DENTTABS are "dry", it only develops its full effect when it is used.
  • Amisoft (Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate) is a surfactant (soap) that combines the detached proteins and fats with water in order to flush them out when rinsing out. In AMISOFT the glutamic acid is esterified with coconut fatty acids. During this chemical process, two naturally occurring substances (coconut fatty acids and glutamic acid) are combined with one another, whereby their original properties are lost. "Glutamate" is not to be confused with the flavor enhancers used in the food sector  DENTTABS are glutamate and gluten-free.
  • Stevia (stevioside) is a sweet-tasting plant that, together with the aroma and menthol, ensures the good taste.
  • Silica serves as a cleaning agent and helps to remove any soft plaque.
  • Natural (mint) aroma , together with stevia and menthol, ensures a pleasant feeling of freshness and a "cool" and fresh breath.
  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate), better known as "soda", together with vitamin C adjusts the pH to 5.5.
  • Citric acid together with sodium hydrogen carbonate (see above) regulates the pH value and stimulates the flow of saliva. The increased saliva flow causes a faster remineralization of the tooth surfaces.
  • Magnesium stearate (Magnesium Stearate) is a herbal excipient that is used in tablet manufacture.
  • Together with stevia and the mint aroma, menthol ensures the pleasant "freshness afterwards".
  • Xanthan gum is a natural thickening and gelling agent and ensures the pleasant creaminess after chewing DENTTABS toothpaste tablets.
  • Eugenol is part of the natural mint flavor.

DENTTABS are free from preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances, binders and contain neither aluminum nor nanoparticles.

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