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Oriori Kids

Dino – Sleepbox, Naturalist Collection

Dino – Sleepbox, Naturalist Collection

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Our custom-printed "The Dino" nightwear comes with a funny learning print of popular dinosaurs and their name meanings. Did you know that Tyrannosaurus (aka T-Rex) means tyrant lizard?  Read along with a book on a dinosaur. You can even order the whole set of 5 books that come with the Dino. 

  • 100% cotton
  • classic shirt style 
  • green cotton piping
  • adjustable waistband and drawstring to fit even a thinner waist
  • AZO free dyes
  • sizes 2-7 years

Models are wearing sizes 6-7 years. 

OriOri’s “Dino” print nurtures through:

  • Textured words - invoke sensory perception through touch, encouraging the development of communication + language
  • Meanings of Dinosaur names - stimulating the brain + creating a moment for shared humour
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