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Doodletoi Joy Cards - Magical Scratch Art Post Cards

Doodletoi Joy Cards - Magical Scratch Art Post Cards

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Encourage your kids to learn the essential life skill of kindness with Doodletoi Joy Cards. These magical colorful scratch art postcards are a perfect way to get your kids engaged in something positive and fun. Doodle, scribble or simply express your feelings through art on the black area and write a message or a positive quote on the post card area and gift it to someone you love.
Contains: Pack contains 10 Doodletoi Post Cards, 10 Kindness Stamps and 1 Wooden Stylus
How to Use: Using the wooden stylus, simply scratch to write your own message or draw something to reveal rainbow colours beneath the scratched portions. Paste the kindness stickers to make it extra special.
Kids get a chance to make their own personalised postcards to pass on to a loved one while thoroughly enjoying the creative process of creating the joy card
Through this kit, kids learn to be creative, thoughtful and experience the joy of spreading smiles without an expectation or incentive, be kind and have fun with open ended play!
Works perfectly as a return gift in birthday parties for children above 3 years of age.
3 Years and Above

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