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Educational Sticker Puzzle - Magical Unicorn

Educational Sticker Puzzle - Magical Unicorn

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Join the unicorns in their adventurous journey to a magical land where unicorns sleep under starry skies, graze in sunny meadows, fly around a majestic rainbow, roam in the mystical gardens and shine in the crystal caves with this amazing sticker puzzles set. This pack of 5 sticker scene is fun and exciting.
Designed to help develop essential skills including, visual discrimination, sorting and matching, Motor Skills as well as learning math and logic skills.
Learn about numbers, develop puzzle-solving skills, encourage focus and concentration and watch as the magical unicorn scene comes to life sticker by sticker!
This sticker puzzle is a compelling activity to keep your child€™s brain engaged to create totally cool art.
Sticker activities play can help boost fine motor skills and emotional expression in children.
Makes a perfect gift for kids and grown-ups too, ages 4 and older, for hands-on, creative play experience and give kids another engaging option for screen-free fun.
5 cards + 175 Repositionable stickers (10 sheets)
23 x 23 cms
4 to 99 Years
Have a unicorn ride and chase the Rainbow! Pediatricians say solo, exploratory play has a role in fostering creativity.
Create beautiful unicorn scenes with this set of 5 Sticker Puzzles and 175 Stickers Each Scene Card features designs that are divided into spaces, each with a number, that corresponds to a sticker.
Find the sticker, peel it, and place it in the right space and see how beautifully the complete scene is made.
The stickers are repositionable, so that they can be replaced in the event of an error.
Once completed, the 5 educational puzzles form a nice collection of small assorted paintings, to offer or to frame to decorate the room.
Made in India
A Charmed Life introduces, PepPlay, a new venture which focuses on encouraging imaginations, incorporating real-life skills, and building fine motor skills in children. They believe that childhood is a celebration, and aim to sell toys that build a deep value and connection between every child and parent, but at the same time are entertaining, fun, and environmentally friendly.

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