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Egg Shaker - Chicken By Shumee

Egg Shaker - Chicken By Shumee

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Product Description:
Smooth and colourful wooden egg-shaped rattles made of natural wood with little organic beans inside to make pleasing sounds to hold a baby's attention. What will I get ? A set of two smooth egg shaped rattles with different patterns and colours. You can choose the Dino egg shakers with polka dots or the little Chick egg shakers with solid colours. Safe aural and visual stimulation for babies enabling them to develop acuity. How to play ? Place them in the line of sight of the baby and slowly move them from side to side.
Roll them and watch your baby enjoy the sight of bright colours and patterns.
Shake them to make gentle soothing sounds for baby to enjoy.
Place them at a slight distance from the baby as an object to reach for and get to as they start crawling.
Skills - Develops and sharpens sense of hearing through response to sounds. Improves vision through observing shapes, colours and patterns on the rattles. Enhances the sense of touch though tactile stimulation. Improve grasp reflex and fine Motor skills, by trying to reach and hold the rattles.
By trying to reach for the rattle either by extending arms or by trying to crawl, babies will develop gross motor skills.
The sounds and patterns will engage your baby’s attention and invoke curiosity.
These smooth egg shakers are made from wood and have seeds in them for creating sound. Easy to carry and great for traveling with.

Actual Product May Vary In Color / Design.

Product weight: 45g

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