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Favourite Wooden Rattles Combo For 0-3 Years Old By Shumee

Favourite Wooden Rattles Combo For 0-3 Years Old By Shumee

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Get your favorite shumee rattles together in this combo and fill up your newborn’s toybox! This combo comes with an adorable ele plush rattle, a wooden ele rattle, and a crochet shaker. It’s everything you will need to hone your baby’s motor and sensory skills!

What is in the combo?
Ele Rattle
A finely crafted elephant-shaped rattle with multicolour beads that is perfect for little hands to grasp.
Ele and Ball Rattle Organic Plush Toy
A soft and cushy ele plush toy with colorful stripes and polka dots and a striped softball that your baby can squeeze and play with. Both the toys also double as rattles as they make soothing sounds if you shake them.
Organic Crochet Shaker Rattle
A colourful, one of a kind, hand-crafted rattle with different patterns, colours and textures.

What will my child learn?

toys for sensory skill development

Sensory development: Your baby’s sense of hearing will sharpen as they identify and respond to the sounds of the toys. Their vision improves as they observe the different colours and patterns on them. Their sense of touch is enhanced through tactile stimulation from the various shapes and textures.

toys for fine motor skill development

Fine Motor skills: Your child’s fine motor skills and grasp reflex will improve as they learn to hold and shake the toys.


toys for gross motors skill development

Gross motor skills: They will hone their gross motor skills while trying to reach for the toys by extending their arms or crawling towards it.

toys for curiosity skill development

Curiosity: The sounds and patterns, and the adorable ele face will engage their attention and invoke curiosity.

What are these made up of? Each wooden rattle is handcrafted, and handpainted using safe and water-based paints. The plush toys are made from organic cotton and dyed using azo-free dye.

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