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Ferris Wheel Diy Paper Art & Craft Kit - Jumboo Toys

Ferris Wheel Diy Paper Art & Craft Kit - Jumboo Toys

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An amazing Theme Park collection an interactive 3D paper technology developed using paper. The kid would need a little more grown up assistance as this product needs more time and perfection to build the product. This is completely made out of paper, cardboard and also has some other materials included with the product to make sure it works well. Once you have made the Ferris Wheel it stand at around 12inch in width and 8 inch in length and almost 12inch height its a large piece that stands tall. Once its made it spins round and round on both sides. Make sure the side bars are properly attested and are firmly stuck to the main circles. Ensure each piece is dried properly and do not rush. We recommend that once you start building make sure each piece is stuck to its relevant joint very firmly and straight as its shown in the step guide and each part that has been applied with glue needs to get time to dry properly or else if its not fried up properly it would fall apart and the whole toys wont be able to stand and work as it should. We request you to read the instructions on step guide precisely so as to eliminate any mistakes that could possibly occur.

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