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Storyteller Meg


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Fred the crocodile is not a fan of change, but then again who is? An unfortunate incident sends Fred scuttling away from his home and familiar surroundings and out into a new and uncertain world.

Fred may be a big and strong crocodile but he feels just as scared and sad as everybody else. That is until he meets a wise old frog who helps him understand that change is not just the loss of the familiar but could also be a new beginning.


Fred Goes Home was inspired by my real-life parenting experiences.

Everyone with young kids will be familiar with the tears that can come from coping with change. A broken toy, a new blanket, or even trying new foods.

It's a hard concept to master for a little child. This story is a funny and engaging means to help children manage change. 

PAGES: 28 Pages 

Brand Name: Storyteller Meg