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My House Teacher

Fun Trunk Toy Box Level 3

Fun Trunk Toy Box Level 3

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Whatever you create today will become a seed for your future and it could be the harvest of the years to come.
Wooden Stacker and shape sorting jumbo toy Colors and shapes are new concepts to your child and this stacker toy is a fun way for them to learn and grow! They'll develop logic and problem-solving skills by playing and discovering the best ways to stack the wooden boxes.
Magnetic Fishing and shape sorter set Classic shape sorter toy, 20 different blocks with fitting hole for post, different shapes, and it is perfectly sized for toddlers' hands, also a great choice as a travel toy, build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills.
Color Ball Pick and Sort Activity This wonderful Waldorf Inspired Educational toy to sort colors are amazing for toddlers and preschoolers.Lock Busy Board A sensory board or busy board is a fun, hands-on activity for babies and toddlers to help them touch, explore and learn about different objects all in one place. ..
Body Parts Flash Cards 19 Flash Cards that teach about basic external body parts. It is developed in consultation with educationists; it introduces children to the basic concept of body parts by relating them to their own bodies.
Animal and Baby Match Me Activity Children love animals at their initial ages and hence when learning about animals, children show curiosity and love to engage when they see animals around. Matching games improve language, concentration, and memory.
Contains: 7 different toys and a storage box
Size: 4 cm x 3.2 cm x 1.6 cm
18 months - 24 months

A Charmed Life presents My House Teacher, a Gujarat-based start-up founded by Kirti Aggarwal. My House Teacher's products are made in India and include games and toys that make learning fun. The brand provides simple and effective items that a parent or a teacher can use to engage and teach kids from 0 years to 11 years—playfully.

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