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Glow In The Dark Slime Kit

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Introduce your child to science and chemistry by making super cool stretchy, gooey, drippy GLOW IN THE DARK SLIME! Have fun with the slime with 2 creative activities:

  1. Add scary, creepy crawlies to the slime and create your own horror show.
  2. Create scary, gooey, slimey monster eyes.

Learn about science and how materials absorb and store energy from an external light source. Expose your glow in the dark slime to any light to charge and re-charge the glow. Scare everyone around!!

Includes – Detailed instruction sheet, glue, mixing cups, stirrer, creepy insects, table tennis ball, storage jar, monster eye sticker sheet, slime activator powder, glow in the dark powder

Skills learned – Visual, Motor, Observation, Logical, Science

Ages- 6+