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Heroic Knights - The Castle Saviour

Heroic Knights - The Castle Saviour

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Get inspired by Courageous Knights of the battlefield & open your private spy eye to discover 20 various objects through a super cool magnifying glass. They are all there, would you be able to discover them? Join this 36 piece puzzle & pick up the magnifying glass to search and find different objects.
Puzzle making helps children to develop problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and most importantly it builds observational skills. Our Search and find puzzle features medium & sturdy pieces that help the child in easy gripping to build the puzzle. Moreover, magnifying glass adds an element of fun to the concept of castle rescue. Identifying objects with pictures helps them to learn new words adding to their vocabulary. The completed rectangular floor puzzle measures 61 x 24 cm. Creative Concept – Graphics of the puzzle are designed in a way, where kids will be tempted to solve the puzzle due to its theme.
1 Puzzle set which includes 36 pieces
25 X 25 X 5 Cms
Heroic Knights and castles have always been fascinating concepts for kids at an early age. Our concept of castle rescue is a step forward from the old-aged belief of the king’s rescuing the castle and saving the princesses. However, with this changing world, we have modified our artwork, which depicts that not only can the king save his castle and princesses but also princesses can be smart & brave enough to save the king & help him to rescue the castle.
Once the puzzle is completed children can count and spot 20 different objects. A visual picture list is printed on the border of the puzzle which encourages counting and picture search activity with no reading required.
Name any object at random and let the kid search for it and find it using the magnifying glass and make learning a fun activity.!!
Artwork includes attractive colorful elements such as castle under attack, King, Princesses, knights, Horses, treasures, canons, armors, and many other elements to explore. The puzzle image is printed at the backside of the box which would help kids to join the puzzle while looking at the image. Quality & Safety - Playqid products are all about high-quality sturdy material with creative design.
3 to 6 Years
Cardboard, Paper, Plastic
Playqid, a brand that aims in creating, publishing, and promoting, high-quality engaging games & puzzles for kids.

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