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Montessori Introduction To Decimal System

Montessori Introduction To Decimal System

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•The set consists of One cube of 1000 golden beads, 1 square of 100 golden beads, 1 string of 10 golden beads and 1 unit golden bead. 
•Decimal bead material is made from superior quality beads.
•Decimal bead material is used to teach place value, introduce numbers from 1 – 1000.
• It helps to understand  the relationship between units, tens, hundreds, thousands. 
•It is used for addition, subtraction and many other mathematical functions.

Meta D:

•It helps to  understand the meaning of the place value system and to convert from one place value to another and in future helps in understanding the arithmetic operations.
•Children can understand the relationship between quantities and numbers.

Age: 3years and Above

•The material does not come with the wooden box
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