JobSet Playing cards

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From doctors to magicians and astronauts, let your children explore and learn
about real-life professions as they play and have fun with these Job-set cards.
Content - 
  • 36 colourful cards with different professions depicted.
  • 4 cards with different images related to each of the 9 professions in the set.

How to Play ?

  • Play, learn and explore different professions with this Job-set playing cards help them find the right cards to match with and go with their work and help them win.
  • Every profession has 4 cards and you can match them by asking for them. 2-4 players with 7 cards each.
  • Build a vocabulary and tell stories with the help of different cards. Will the astronaut find his spaceship or will be stranded halfway through the game? Will the doctor diagnose a win without his stethoscope?

What will my child learn ?

toys for skill developmentImproves social skills and teaches young children about different
professions in a manner they understand.


toys for communication skill developmentEnhances communication through conversations about
professions and real life skills



Fine motor skills: Handling and shuffling cards builds fine motor skills.