Jungle Joy Musical Instruments Set (1-6 years)

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Product Description:
Start a band with the help of this musical monkey, giraffe, and crocodile! This set of 3 jungle-themed instruments is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of music. These smooth handcrafted instruments are lightweight and easy to carry around, allowing your child to take the joy of music wherever they go!
What will I get? 
- A cute wooden monkey-shaped clapper that your child can clang to make beats.
- A giraffe-shaped rattle that will make fun sounds when they shake it.
- A funky crocodile-shaped guiro that your child can play by scraping it with the fish-shaped stick.
How to play? 
Clang the clapper, shake the rattle, and run the fish along the guiro to make some lovely music! You can enjoy family music night or your child can even start their own little band. Encourage your little one to keep time and play an instrument to simple rhymes or their favourite tunes. The songs they make up can now have music and they can even have a dance party at home!
Materials & Care -

This tambourine is made of plywood and coloured with eco-friendly, non-toxic paints. Tested and certified by ASTM international standards.

Note: The tambourine may have some light and dark patches on the skin as it is made of natural materials to create clear and rich sounds.

What will my children learn ?
toys for development of sensory skills        Playing these instruments will stimulate your child’s sense of hearing and touch, which will in turn improve their movement and balance.

toys for development of self expression skills

Playing music at an early age is proven to strengthen growth in areas of language development, speech perception, sound processing, and reading skills.

toys for curiosity skill development

The instruments will get your child curious about different types of musical sounds, making music, and even the animals.


toys for building gross motor skillsMoving their hands to play all the instruments will strengthen their arm muscles and gross motor skills.

toys for building creativity in toddlers

Learning to make and enjoy music will spark your child’s creative side.



toys for development of fine motor skills

Striking the clapper and running the fish stick across the guiro will hone their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.